$15,723,727.00 In Contributions…

If you want to know who Lowey really works for, check out OpenSecrets.org and look at Nita Lowey and her career contributors since 1989. You’ll learn that she has taken in more than FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS ($15,723,727.00) in campaign contributions while she has been in Congress, and that, Goldman Sachs, American Assn For Justice, Bear Stearns, American Federation of Teachers, and Citigroup, Inc are her top 5 lifetime contributors.


Record $144 Billion in Wall Street Bonuses for 2010: A 4% Increase From 2009

  • A report from The Wall Street Journal Tuesday morning won’t help Wall Street dodge any more bullets. A survey of about 35 top financial institutions — comprising banks, investment banks, hedge funds, money-management firms and securities exchanges — estimates distribution of $144 billion in compensation and benefits for 2010. This amounts to a 4 percent increase from the $139 billion paid out in 2009, and potentially a whole lot more billionaire contenders for the title of wealthiest Americans.
  • No increase for Social Security next year, second year in a row. This affects a little more than 58.7 million retirees, disabled Americans and surviving spouses and minor children of enrollees who receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income.


Tell Nita Lowey “You’re fired!” in November!


Nita Lowey’s Earmarking Tendencies

  • Nita Lowey sponsored or co-sponsored 43 earmarks totaling $18,413,500 in fiscal year 2010 ranking 198th out of 435 representatives, specifically for entities and projects not considered worthy of financing through transparent means in the official federal budget. (Ref: Center for Responsive Politics and Taxpayers for Common Sense)
  • Nita Lowey voted FOR “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3590) Bill” (Obamacare)


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

We must reverse the increasingly common trend of companies obtaining special visas for foreign workers, while they discard loyal, long-term employees. Similarly, the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign countries must be stopped. In 2007, our trade deficit with China grew to $259 Billion, up 11.4% from 2006, while our trade deficit with Mexico grew to $74 Billion, up 15.4% last year and up 64.4% over the past three years. We need a system of Fair Trade that protects middle and lower-income workers, so that one day soon we Americans can once again purchase clothing and necessities that proudly state on the label “Made in America.”

Jim Russell Attacks Lowey’s Economic Record


Nita Lowey accepted contributions from collapsed Bear Stearns and still does

Lowey recently said “we’re in for difficult times,” but what did she do last year in Congress while the sub-prime mortgage fiasco was developing into a global economic crisis? As a member of the House Appropriations (i.e. “Spending”) Committee, she sponsored a $Trillion federal budget with over $13 Billion in “earmarks” for her fellow congresspersons’ pet projects! That’s one reason why Nita Lowey has received a rating of only 5% from Citizens Against Government Waste! Yet, according to a new federal online reporting system, FedSpending.org, the value of federal contracts received in fiscal year 2009 for our district ranks 368 out of 440. As of Fiscal Year 2010 Lowey continually receives contributions from collapsed Bear Stearns. REPORT: Campaign Contributions Stoked the Fire Behind Wall Street Meltdown


Nita Lowey’s Voting and Legislative Records in Congress:

  • Tort Reform – Medical Malpractice Reform S11 7/03:
    NO. Representative Lowey opposes reform.
  • Balanced Budget Amendment:
    NO. Lowey has not supported requiring Congress to spend within government means.
  • Oil Drilling in US – ANWR (Alaska) House Vote #831 8/07, Offshore HR 4761 6/06:
    NO. Nita Lowey prefers dependence upon importation of oil, opposing energy independence efforts that include drilling for US oil supplies.
  • Cap and Trade HR 2454 6/09:
    YES. Lowey supports increased taxes and surcharges on US production of goods and energy.
  • Amnesty/Citizenship for Illegal Border Crossers S2611 5/06:
    YES. Nita Lowey supports granting citizenship to those who manage to slip into the country illegally.
  • Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act HR 4173 12/09:
    YES. Nita Lowey supports federal government expansion of involvement and control over private industry.
  • Auto Company Bailouts HR 7005 12/08:
    YES. Lowey supports taxpayer bailouts of private industry.
  • Bank Bailouts -TARP HR1424 10/08:
    YES. Lowey supports taxpayer bailouts for financial institutions that gamble and lose.
  • 2009 Stimulus Bill HR1 2/09:
    YES. Supported the $787 Billion spending plan.
  • 2009 Omnibus HR1105 3/09:
    YES. Representative Lowey supported the 9000+ earmark, 8.3% government expansion bill.
  • Health Care HR3590 3/10:
    YES. Supported laying groundwork for federal takeover of Healthcare delivery.


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